Stainless Steel


Low Alloy Steels


Heat Resistant Steels


Corrosion Resistant Steel










1 x 500 Kg


2 x 1000 Kg


induction furnaces are used to melt high quality raw materials




Centrifugal Machines


Three centrifugal casting machines enable casting of a wide range of dimensions


1. 50-200 mm diameter


2. 200-400 mm diameter


3. 400 mm diameter


Sand Molding Unit


4 tons / hour capacity molding mixer produces non centrifugal casting parts e.g. various mold and core production units, elbow, flange, etc.


Quality Control


Hilger Polyvac spectrometer is used to ensure the required analysis through double checked analysis at every charge


Our company can conduct the below tests on demand to comply with high quality standards and expectations:


Pressure testing

Mechanical tests


Radiography Testing

Ultrasonic Testing

Penetrant Testing




Storage Area and Packing


Frequently used measures, and metarials are available in our storage. All products are delivered in packages prepared according to ISPM17 standards or in boxes appropriate for sea transportation.


Assembly and Complete Systems


Körfez Centrifuge can manufacture assembled products and complete systems in cooperation with its solution partners. The sand cast parts and the pipes required for such parts are produced in house.